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>My main concern is that I'll look too weird
While perfectly understandable, it's also the ultimate pitfall. Any and every convention will have crossplayers, male as female or female as male. (In many case, that's a good way to find someone who posts here too)
>What is the best way to explain to someone why I'd be dressed as a girl?
Well and truly sincerely? "I wanted to." The less justification, the more respect it garners. Acting in the assumption "I like the way this looks" signals to others that they also agree. (If they're at all worthwhile anyway)

>I would strongly suggest biting the bullet and making friends with a cosplayer who knows their way around makeup
Already got this base covered, and I do hang with a lot of them outside convention settings but it's rarely ever lowkey enough to have enough time for this sort of thing. Knowing what I'd even need is of course the first step, and it looks like you were able to help out there. I assumed foundation would be one of them, so that's a promising start. And thanks, for the tips and for spreading positivity

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