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Fuck that anon, I lived in Japan for a few years and loved it. It’s a introverts dream, nobody is nosey there, but sometimes that fact does make it feel more lonely than usual.
I’m pretty foreign looking, tan skin small waist, big ass and thighs, and I never had an issue (with racism/standing out/ being socially isolated)
I also go to the gym daily and felt like (the reason I had no issues) I could easily take down any person that tried shit lmao
Go anon, it’s a dream come true, and I PERSONALLY thought it was just like anime and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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>bought a dress I thought was my dream dress but wasn't just had the same cut
>half asleep, saw it for dirt cheap and just did it.
>heavily stained but I take this as a challenge.
>wake up in morning realizing the mistake.
>its still cute, Fuck it. Worst case scenario is I can't fix the stains.
>as soon as I get it I start hand washing.
>stains wash away immediately.

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