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honestly, you're a dick and I hope the anon finds her DD for a great price tomorrow. no one here needs your trifling ass. all you had to do was ignore the post and not respond but you fucked up your own potential sale being a presumptuous asshole. don't even bother next time.
diff anon but your shitty, unnecessary, unrighteous attitude just pissed me right off. fuck.

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As long as they keep it to their damn selves I have zero issue with it. Now if a sissy tries to infiltrate a lolita comm to get off around minors then we’re going to have a huge problem. A problem I wish we could solve with violence, but seeing as they hide behind the guise of “muh trans oppression” mods won’t kick them out.

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I hate cosplay "lolita" so much. Those SnK "lolita" coords I always see at conventions are bad enough. If people so desperately want to do lolita-esque cosplay, at least do it for a somewhat lolita-esque character, like cardcaptor sakura or something. There's nothing remotely lolita about sailor moon.

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>people that put things in the wrong tags on LM
No, your black colorway of Angelic Pretty's Toy Harmony does not belong in the gothic tags.
>comm complains about lack of meetups, but when someone that isn't a mod tries to host one no one goes, even if the idea is neat/fun/interesting
>international buyers asking to mark down package value
>girls who are trying to be efamous spamming likes + following and unfollowing in hopes that I will follow back
>"Let's take a silly photo"

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the thing is they are nice black mjs, just chunky gothy platform mjs
>pic related for shoes, not aggression lol

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Honestly I don't know of any that wear sweet outside of a certain person on CoF. All the ones I've seen usually wear Classic with like a small handful of Gothics popping up once in a blue moon.

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Mana ain't too good to slap a bitch

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finishing with our lord and saviour

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I was originally planning to go see The Grudge with a friend on ILD as theres a japanese film festival on this weekend, just found out today that she's double booked herself and everyone else is busy. Had my co-ord ready and everything FML.

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I will preface by saying I am also a regular ass goth, but I am *not* a fan of the shaved eyebrows/raccoon eyes/clown white thing. I find more subtle looks more elegant and appealing.


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My personal favorite

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Maybe I'm biased but I don't think we're condescending, just a lot more straight forward than the majority of Lolita communities, which if you look around, tend to have just as many problems with people being patronizing, overly-nice to people who don't deserve it and "fake".

NYC comm catches a lot of shit for not being lovelies, but despite it having an exceptionally large Lolita community you don't see too many fame-chans like Kate stirring up massive amounts of drama. We have a few people with "reputations" but for the most part no one tolerates their shit for very long and any dumb stuff gets smacked down pretty fast.

> in before people bring up drama that is at least 2 years old at this point involving people who are not active or prominent anymore

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