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Last one

My trying to take a photo... and then it starts raining (the right is literally me attempting to dodge water as if I'm the witch from Wizard of Oz

Some people suggested pink and white and curls and accessories with this dress... Obviously shoes suck but I somehow feel none of it matches. <333 con crit welcome

Shoes; Another pair that randomly spawned in my shoe box... I only use them for gardening usually

JSK: Bodyline

Blouse: Another opshop one... they called me op shop girl in high school and I live up to that title proudly

Socks: Bodyline but they are really tight. I used to do powerlifting and my calves are thicker then a deku tree

Petti: The same one as my order is still not here. I feel like the post man is playing ballet in it before he gives it to me

Stockings: Generic coles stockings

Flowers Auther Daily

Jewerly: Random lucky dip opshop bag

Rain: The powers that be

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