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>As long ad you aren't extremely ugly
>1. Don't be ugly
lol money trumps all bro.

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So how does this work? Do I just casually approach young tight broads in genshin cosplay who appear to be singly and vulnerable and offer to buy them a figurine at the dealers room in exchange for a beej at my hotel down the marriot? How do I flex my wealth at anime conventions? Im a pretty loaded dude thanks to my professional career but it’s not like I can show them the title to my car or home owners title. Im also older and fatter but I guess the only thing I have going on is I make well over 150k a year for just clicking shit on a computer. I also have a gf but yknow sometimes there are occasional urges to eye-dabble on a kitkat from time to time if you know what I mean, heh.

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>if he's a fat ugly old slob, then the answer is that i'm much better looking, thinner and younger than him
Those old fat ugly slobs with fuck you money literally have their pick of the litter of perfect 10s from all over the world and this includes celebrities, supermodels and top shelf instathots. You ain't on that level.

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Or be a fat guy with money. Fun reminder that /cgl/ used to have dedicated sugar daddy threads before patreon, onlyfans and cashapp blew up.

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