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not that anon but to me they aren't talking about the brain dead completely fashion illiterates that are eating up Zara and the like, but the special brand of normies who are buying Nudie Jeans and Jbrand pants for $200-300 a pair, for example.

if anon is bad talking people who drink starbucks while they sip a cup from an indie brand of coffee bean grown and handpicked by a nudist hipster on a remote island, we aknowledge there are people who enjoy maxwell house instant and diner drip coffee but they are out of the equation because they drink coffee out of habit or necessity, the way most people clothe themselves. they do not claim to be afficianados.

i think i agree that lolita has lowered in quality over the years while going up in price, and released more and more failproof sets to coord together. it has taken a lot of the personality and individuality out of the style, especially when people wear wigs and contact lenses that make them look even less like themselves. for a lot of people it seems like it's an escapist fantasy and not a fashion statement, if that makes sense. maybe there isn't anything wrong with that, but it can be problematic when people with such different ideas about what lolita is are crammed into the same label

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This dress is hard to coord, but I think this person did great.

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I find this narrow sighted. Designer fashion is still 'normie' fashion to people like this, but is of much, much higher quality than lolita.. if you look at the materials, patterns and stitching of dresses being released today, they are extremely underwhelming. I would rather pay $600 for a dress that has beautiful lace and a thick matte material with embroidery than $2-300 for cutesy art printed onto chiffon.

Part of what makes it look like a costume, to most people I know (and that includes those into more avant garde fashion) isn't the frills and lace and silhouette, but the cheap plastic accessories, wigs, shiny/thin fabric and poorly thought out placement of bows that are gathered poorly and can't be removed and ironed. To top this off, people try to match everything a little more than is natural, making it look uniform, like a themed character design with only 4 shades of color throughout the whole thing

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Someone bitter?

Who cares, no need to try and put drama where there isn't any - OP could've easily just been someone who put 2 and 2 together
You're just outing yourself

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