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I know, anon. I know.

I've kind of gotten over it. I act normal enough, and I don't interact with the furry community more than I need to.
I actually got shit for wearing a cosplay-based suit [Pokemon] at a con. People were scoffing at me and making weird comments, despite how nice I thought the suit looked/was.

Then they saw me at my dealers table and were surprised to find that the freak in the fursuit was a cute, normal girl.
People were like, "Wait... was that you in the suit??" and I would laugh and just talk about how I liked Pokemon and costumes and shit.
The lady selling in the booth across from us was actually scoffing at how gross it was that someone [didn't know it was me, but we had conversed in the previous days as neighbors] was wearing a fursuit. Then she saw how absolutely ecstatic I made this little girl, and when I changed, she saw it was me and brought over fudge to the table and apologized for being so rude.
>inb4 THAT happened
Sounds like some made-up, namby-pamby bullshit, but it's for real.
It was really humbling for me, too.

Just do what you want, anon. Just shrug and be like "well, it's made out of fur, but it's just a cosplay, so fuck off."
If you want to have fun, go fucking do it. It'll blow over if people seriously want to make a big deal over it.

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