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Are you actually retarded or did you just discover 4chan? People on 4chan say slurs and “hateful language” all the damn time. It’s the reason why elder lolitas cry to newbies not to go on cgl because they know they’ll leave the community the second they see what’s posted here and immediately think the whole community is okay with using homophobic slurs. The mods don’t do shit because it’s literally just 4chan culture. I’m guessing you just love cops because nobody that’s been on 4chan longer then 5 seconds knows that discriminatory language is just apart of 4chan in general.

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Are you actually retarded? People have posted here saying it’s a replica how tf does it sound good to you newfag

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Comments like this make me wonder what you guys are offended over. washing brand is just a part of the lolita life in general. Pieces do unfortunately fade and pill overtime but we try our best to make the most out of our purchase. Not all of us have dry cleaners right next door to our house.

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