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> Husband orders me drippy itabag at the beginning of September for anniversary gift
>Long story short bag never gets shipped and he gets a refund
>Lightly upset because it was perfect for the character I was building up merch for
>Have to find new bag
>Nothing too girly, space enough to decorate the outside as intended, and NO GLITTER
>Seems impossible and I want to give up

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>suffering chronic lack of motivation
>need to clean out sewing room
>need to finish half done cosplays
>need to start working on next competition piece
>can't bring myself to do any of it
i'm so fucking burnt out.

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I'm so scared, all my stuff's been "bought" but hasn't updated since. Hopefully I'll hear from them when I message them Monday. Reeeaaallly need this order by the end of the month. I think I'll be sticking with TBT after this, I'm too freaked out.

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I feel your pain friend. 116cm bust here.
>mfw the dress won't zip up because of my boobs.

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Looks so ugly irl though. Most go with corsets because it's at least flattering on the figure but they're not Pokemon, the boob armor can stop.

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tfw you want to fall in love so badly and go on dates with a boyfriend, perhaps even girlfriend but you haven't met anyone even remotely crush worthy. i go to cons and meets and everyone just comes off as a loser, anyone slightly attractive is already taken. im close to graduating from college and it makes me feel as if my odds of meeting the one are declining more and more. i've even lowered my expectations but still nothing

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>mfw i realized it wasnt a basement or some abandonned house
>mfw i realized she lives there
>mfw the more i look at it the more disgusting everything looks
Oh...oh no...
Imagine that this ita crap is her only way to get away from the horrible reality and feel pretty.
Fuck i went here to cringe not to feel... How can you let your house become that dirty and live there i can't even

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That would be me.
And no... it wasn't me.

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> mfw I found pictures of me and my old best bro
> mfw remembering the good old days of watching anime and discussing our favorite games
> mfw we used to be such glorious weeaboo trash together no fucks given
> mfw I cried a little because I'm a weak piece of shit

In the end they turned out to be a shit friend but I miss them I guess. it's hard to hate someone who used to be so important I guess. I'm actually a little worried I won't ever have such a close friend like that again. I just don't click with anyone else as good.

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Why tease me like this

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I'm feeling that feel right now

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I'm insanely awesome at dressing my normalfag friends/family. I seriously have my older sister up my ass constantly emailing me pics of clothes. "Anon what do you think of this for my date?" Myself not so much. I usually just throw on a black band T and some jeans. Probably because I'm a fart at being feminine.

Side note: everywhere I see people say colorful hair and big glasses are female fedora. I've been rocking baby blue locks for years, it gave me confidence when I was going through hard times. Plus I have really thick granny glasses cuz I need them.

> tfw I'm a female fedora

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Thank you! I actually attempted to scrub my lips with just plain sugar but I don't think it did the trick I guess I'll shell out some cash for the lush ones they are a little pricey but everyone online gives them stellar reviews. I just want my pout to be pretty and pink, not dry and cracked.

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>usually packages from Japan clear in one day
>tracking says "Inbound Into Customs"
>first time this happened
>look it up after three days of no updates
>mfw I learn it might take a while for them to get to it
>if it doesn't get seized
Dammit, I just want my burando!

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Mfw people say money can't buy you happiness. How the fuck else can we pay for a therapist?

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How do you search for cutsews on taobao? Searching "cutsew" just gives me a couple punk shirts and I can't find any corresponding mandarin translations in any of the dictionaries.

>tfw I just want to find cute black lolita cutsews but it's being so difficult

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I have thinner legs than you. I have cellulite way worse than that. There's nothin you can do to get rid of it too.

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