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While I love the look of Boz on photos I usually end up disappointed with the quality in comparison for what I paid for. The cravats look like something from ebay, the blouses/shirts are non-breathing polyesters, the buttons tend to be awful. Often materials look cheap and when it looks decent the materials feel cheap. I used to have a H&M coat with better wool than my 400€ Boz coat. Now I only dare to buy the velvety items online because at least I'll be content with the material. While the cuts of the garments are gorgeous the construction of the jackets are cheap, there's zero stiffness to the lapels, collars and not even the slightest shoulder pads to keep the garment supported and shaped. When I wear (old) MmM I feel regal, when I wear Boz I feel like a knock-off.

Going to dump some from my folders.

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