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you are literally me. got my FK the exact way. but it wasn’t even my crush, just my guy friend who was bitter because I didn’t want to offer my body to him, and he wanted take something from me and leave his mark on me forever. I don’t have an aversion to intimacy now, but I do feel anxious and uncomfortable when I see those types of scenes in movies (like I literally can’t watch anything with teenagers in it because of that). i also have had a lot of people laugh upon hearing about my experience and tell me to “get over it”, especially the day after it happened.. you are not a weak person at all, and I’m glad we can relate. if you haven’t talked to anyone about this yet I really hope you do. in the mean time, focus on your hobbies and getting dolled up to keep you distracted and remind you that you’re a strong, wonderful person who deserves to be surrounded by pleasant things that you want. best regards.

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