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Just hide the thread if you hate it so much.

My feels
>Used to be really depressed and mope about it
>Hung out in feels thread
>Got genuine connection and advice through my posts
>Admit not all of them were strictly on topic
>Gulls were still there for me to tell me I was a stupid bitch
>Pulled myself out of it
>Made my life better
>Still browse feels threads to this day
>Rarely post nowadays
>My bad feels are over
>Miss the feeling of connection
>Can't find anything to post about
>Mfw I have no feels

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This one is kind of sad. She is probably a teenager who obviously lives in a shithole with scumbag parents, and despite not really knowing much about lolita and looking dumb she probably saved up to get her first outfit. Just for a little bit, even if it's ugly, that brought joy to her crappy life and she smiles brightly in this picture.

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