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You can pop the links into google translate and it'll translate for you (if you're on mobile, request the desktop site) :

tulle x Otome no Sewing BOOK Presents “Namaiki tonight ” Vol.3 will be held!

"Tulle" x "Otome no Sewing BOOK" presents cute and fun event "Namaiki tonight " will be held soon! This time there will be a drink & bar time as an exchange party after the product sales time, so please enjoy it to the end If you love a cute world, please come and visit us ! Participating creators and participating brands are also looking for!

■ Admission fee: 500 yen including tax (only reception on the day)
Namiki Ribbon original postcards will be presented on a first-come-first-served basis!

● Dress Code: Summer party style!
Please wear clothes and accessories that image a summer party.

■ Participating members:
Akio Futaki, SAKU, Bisuko Esaki, conpeitou.
Brand (RoseMarie seoire, Enchantlic Enchantilly, Cendrillon Project, Udakyo etc.)
A handmade writer, tulle models may come to play too? !
Tulle production staff, Maiden's sewing book production staff, etc. will be announced as soon as they are decided!

■ Content:
・ Costrilling and photo shoots by Cendrillon Project
Experience the idol and princess feeling in a cute costume designed and produced by the Candrillion Project!
・ Product sales booth (handmade and other product sales, new product sales, flea market, etc.)
・ Introducing new brand works (such as try-on and reservation meetings)
・ Customer snapshot
・ Exhibition of items on Sewing Book of Otome
・ Video shooting and distribution in the venue (planned)
・ Tulle magazine, official website, SNS photography & video photography
・ Free exchange meetings
* Contents are subject to change.

(I've never heard of Cendrillon Project -- anybody care to fill me in?)

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