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Customs are taking forever with my taobao order and I know they're going to charge me to hell and back for it.

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If this actually happens I'm going to be so pissed. One of my friends can't go even though she already got a ticket so we were planning on letting my nephew have it (He's over 18 so can't just say I'm his guardian). And another friend forgot to do that verification so a friend who couldn't go gave me her verification email and shit so I could get it for the friend that didn't. That's a fucking waste of money and I won't be coming back if they're turning people away at the door for not having matching IDs when they already have the fucking pass in hand. This fan verification thing is complete fucking nonsense. I hope it blows up in their stupid faces.

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I think this is all I have left.

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I'm not the OP, but even if I bleed tampons hurt and I can feel them inside. I think I just have a really small vagina.

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