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>>Actually, I would recommend mixing patterns for the blazer if you want to stick to Mood
I don't necessarily have to stick to Mood, but just trying to keep the costume at a budget. However the McCall's pattern looks like exactly the thing I need. Never had to tweak a collar from a pattern before but I'd imagine it's as straightforward as just adjusting the size/length of collar.

>>As for the top, you'll want to look for a bodice with a "sweetheart neckline"
Ohh so that's what it's called. And I understand what you're saying about extending the center of one so no need to draw.

Don't think it needs to be strapless. With the reboot design I think Wayforward combined the outfit from the JP Advance Wars 1 with the outfit from the localized version (pic) so I think the vest just needs to be sleeveless. At the same time the Reboot just got announced and besides the trailer and the Nintendo Treehouse gameplay there's not very many good references for Nell's new outfit.

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