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Go to a bride buying website, buy her cosplays and cheap lingerie on amazon and leave us all alone then, cumbrain

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bitch you have to wear a fucking skirt
I don't care if you don't wear a blouse, don't wear a petti, and don't wear fucking shoes, but bitch you fucking have to weAR A SKIRT TO BE LOLITA REEEEE

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How the fuck does someone being abused at 12 make /them/ a pedophile?
She's still trying to look/act like a kid because that's how she was sold and that's all she knows, what, do you blame Britney Spears for stabbing that van with an umbrella?
They fucked that little girl up

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Since when, incel? Take it to /adv/ or the camwhore threads on /soc/... Not that you even have a girlfriend
>he couldn't even be bothered to add one sentence about cosplay or lolita

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If IW don't release LPs soon, I'm going to buy the fucking moitie cutsew op

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I’d drag his ass on camera and beat him senseless.

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Shit you deal with as a mod of your community thread. I’ll start
>people who join and don’t cosplay or wear Lolita
> people who claim to be going to meets and don’t show up and notify you at the last minute
> people who feel entitled when trying to join a comm and claim ‘I only own one piece but I don’t want to invest until I get a feel of the comm’

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