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Not old enough.

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Saw this cosplay from Yaya Han at AX 2000. She got huge amounts of attention simply by being an asian cosplayer. Asians were literally the master race in anime cons in the 90s.

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Guess who

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>There were no social networking sites, maybe Myspace was just getting started, people posted photos on Cosplay.com, AC Paradise, Cosplay Lab

>There were no digital SLR's, no digital cameras. Cameras were film or disposeable. You got your pics developed and scanned them in.

>If someone took a pic of you with their shitty brand new "cell phone camera" with 1mb file limit it was a fucking waste of your posing time

>No ebay costumes from Asia, everyone made their own costumes

>Wigs came in 12 neon party colors for Halloween, dyeing them was an art form

>Props were shitty-ass dowel-rod and cardboard messes. No such thing as wonderflex, worbla, or giant pieces of EVA foam

>No online stores full of stretch fabric or fabric printing

>No colored contacts for dark eyes (unless you got them through your optometrist, and they were flat colored, unnatural, and $80 per lens)

>Yaya looked like this, and was still considered one of the best cosplayers. That shows how far the quality has come in materials available, construction quality, and photo quality in a short 15 years

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Guess who

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>she was like a C cup naturally

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>green card

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people that want the show (hobby in general) to be all about them.

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anyone have a better stream?

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