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Sorry if this doesn't belong here, but since it's about AP, I figured I'd ask here?
If my package got stolen from my mailbox, am I screwed out of my money and items or does AP do anything about stolen/missing packages? I'm assuming no?

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It's not mine, another anon posted it in the now deleted comm thread who warned about andrea.
>threads get derailed for 60+ posts with the same old sperging about weight
>nothing happens
>anon opens comm thread about pedophilic agp tranny getting found out after years of people including anons defending him
>gets deleted within hours

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Do you or have you ever lightly cosplayed in public? i.e wearing an outfit based on a character but adapted more to a modern clothing style, involving similar colors or light leitmotifs.

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>You're a newfag because you use the memories you had from that time and don't follow my advice to look into the archive to get better at pretending to be an oldfag, which is what newfags do, which I totally don't do!! If you don't look up the exact date of everything in the archive like me because I weren't around back then, you're a newfag, not me! D-dumbass!!
Weird deflection but ok. Other anons remember it the same way I do, what's the point defending being wrong this hard in the first place? Just lurk more if you aren't going to go back man.

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I wish I could wear all these outfits and costumes day to day, normal fashion is so boring how everyone follows the same trends and we can't have our own unique outfits without being judged or looked at strangely.

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Sure you did.

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Nah bro, you just gotta learn how to carry it
It's a little known secret that girls spaghetti as much as we do, they're just better at hiding it


Do you know where we are? Alright most gulls actually aren't this bad in all honesty. Did you find them on lolcow?

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>girl in US trying to market an AP skirt as "a good alternative if you missed the Sweet Bear Skirt and Cape release"
>mfw that Sweet Bear Skirt and Cape is still totally in stock at ap usa

I mean, I get we're all hussl'n but... Come on, bruh.

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>all the nice promisies about not having your period with hormonal IUD
>mfw I still have my period regulary, light but still 5 days

well it least I don't deal with depression from BC anymore and I'm on the safe side. Can't have everything.

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Fuck's sake, can we stop with this trans shit? The mods have already nuked this off topic bullshit once and it's happening in two different threads. At least the other thread is talking about comms, the conversation here has nothing to do with lolita here any more.

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Ughhhh do we have to do this again? OP clearly has good intentions but the fattychan discourse made the last thread really unpleasant and the only reason it didn't get nitpicked like the cof threads is because people spammed. Why can't you just make inspo threads like "classic inspo" or "Meta inspo" and posted the coords you like there? Specifying a social media platform will just scare people away from posting and bring all the nitpickers and vendetta-chans out of the woodwork

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I always feel bad when I see her bc she's really nice, but she often can't coord for shit.

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Really? It honestly put me off trying to ask anyone else, but if it's not just me, it gives me a little hope.

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>want sleeping garden
>correct cut but least liked color
>correct color, wrong cut and damaged
I'm so impatient. I just want it to show up.

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I want more new brand releases to ooh and aah over. I need the thrill, gulls, I need it.

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We might have the same friend, but I still want to support her because I've been there once. People do dumb things when they're hurt, and shouldn't have to have that loom over either of them forever. They need some time to see if they can smooth things over.

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TFW karma bites you in the ass but you know you deserve it, so you just sit and bear it

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>four kids under the age of 7
Scum like that shouldn't even be breeding but sometimes it feels like they're the only ones who do.

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you gonna post the rest or is this all

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>mfw my lolita IG account gets flooded with shameless spam followers after I comment on Emilia Clarke's instagram like a normie

Ticks me off because every time I have a follower i get excited and then I find out it's some MLM bullshit.

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I mean... Cool, you've decided you're into it, but not even googling it? That's so lazy. Anon, we're not here to spoon feed you.

But look up Fyeah Lolita's blog and read her posts.

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