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>be me
>normie bf finally googles "lolita"
>gets mad at me for the book "Lolita" even existing (like i'm somehow responsible for it lol) and insists that what i wear is intrinsically tied to it despite knowing nothing about the fashion and nothing about the book
>he's still assmad
>mfw even his mother pulls me aside and says she doesn't understand why women would "appeal to predators" and tells me i should wear it on his terms

this was like a month ago--i broke it off with him because he was controlling af--but my jimmies are still rustled. people who insist wearing lolita is a sex thing are nearly as creepy as the predators they cite.

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>tfw you make another closetchild order while waiting for a closetchild order

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I gave you the benefit of the doubt before. I thought you just weren't able to empathize with our spergy obsession but now I see that you're probably an actual sociopath who's willing to spend loads of money, time and energy cultivating an identity you don't even like just so people will stroke your ego

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