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If you make posts about fashion I will reply to you. I don't know how to find out about collabs and cool photoshoots since I don't buy magazines and don't know where to find recent scans.

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It's not my call. They have an official Lapin Agill lolita sublabel, which is officially their lolita side. The rest of the time they're putting themselves as a gothic brand in the GLB.

I don't know, maybe the gothic stuff doesn't sell as well so over time they slowly phased out the punkier designs, or maybe they always intended to be romantic goths rather than punk goths. I can tell you that if they have variations of a design, they tend to put them both under the same label, which is going to be Boz, even though the shorter version would suit lolita more and the longer version would suit aristo more. So that's how Boz ends up with so many lolita dresses under the main label rather than the Lapin Agill label.

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Why do I never see anyone wear this irl?

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