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MAGFest as an organization continues to circle the drain, as things have gone from bad, to worse.

"Friends of MAG" started a campaign to oust the executive director back at the start of 2021, who was chosen to replace an equally as bad previous executive director, along with the entire Board of Directors resigning. After that... it's largely been radio silent, even to current department heads and other staff members. Those that have been chosen to replace the BoD, largely have no experience running such a chaotic organization, and were merely "promoted" from existing volunteer staffing positions. This in turn, completely scuttled the full VR MAGFest event that was planned to replace the normal Super MAGFest at the Gaylord in 2021.

The first official announcement for the next MAG event, is MAGWest going virtual for a second year in a row, largely due to restrictions still in place in California. Plenty of people are not happy about this.

MAGStock, the outdoor camping event, is now effectively dead. New owners of Small Country Campground have turned down negotiations, and do not want MAGStock to return. Finding a new campground location will prove very difficult, as most places don't have the facilities or space, or are willing to host a bunch of nerds "glamping".

MAG is now looking at possible corporate sponsorship for funds, as COVID-19 has put a big hurt on the MAG budget, which over the past few years was sunk into MAGWest to try and jumpstart a west coast event with the same numbers as Super MAGFest. MAG is also now contracting out staff/equipment to other cons for more cashflow.

And finally, it is looking like Super MAGFest in 2022 (Jan. 6th - 9th) will mandate proof of COVID-19 vaccinations, despite many staffers objecting to such a practice, as there is no definitive way to verify that vaccination cards are indeed genuine. Any objectors in the MAGFest Discord, are hit with the "no politics" rules as a means of silencing opposition.

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