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Fuckin yikes, please report her. I'm sorry this happened to you.

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>Co-worker is normie middle aged woman
>Really proud of her daughter
>The kind to always bring her daughter up at any conversation she can
>Today she fills the office with laughter for maybe 10 minutes
>Comes by my cubical
>"Anon, my daughter just posted the funniest picture! Look!"
>Puts phone in front of me to show pic her daughter posted on insta
>14 year old doing ahegao with toothpaste dribbling out of her mouth onto her tank top
>Not even wearing a bra either so you can vaguely make out features you aren't supposed to
>Can't tell her what's wrong with this picture without risking an HR call so just nervously laugh and say it's wacky

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>tfw browsing LM in bed all day
>BF comes in with home made french toast
>We eat french toast together in bed while he watches me window shop
>Syrup falls off my fork
>He quickly lunches to catch it so it won't fall on my Milky Berry
>Falls on his nipple and I lick it off as a joke
>He ends up teasing me about it as being my fetish all day
>I get super flustered and tell him it was just a joke
>Turns out he was rustling my jimmies to distract me from the fact that he purchased something for me on LM and didn't want me refreshing the page to see

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Stuff like this really reminds me just how much we really are just animals. You two literally just did a courtship ritual and banged, like fucking peacocks.

Nature is truly amazing.

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Thank you! That sounds like it could be a cute idea! I will have to play around with these guys.

I have considered it haha. I collect a ton of kirby stuff and have a lot more chilling in my house. Some of it wouldnt be suitable for a bag like large stuffies or some toys. But I honestly probably have enough extra keychains to start another decent kirby bag... plz send help 4 my addiction

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I'd be interested! If you're stopping by any other cities (Hong Kong, Beijing?) I'd love to hear about them too!

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Cute! You unbuttoning your shirt is a really nice touch. Even though the pleats are big I think it's good.

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Oh I love this. Style mixing is best. Is that LizMelo or Sanrio for the hoodie?

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> Minami

Anon you're the best

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