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You're welcome, friend. I honestly forgot how many I have saved.

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I think she slav squat.

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and immunonon again
I guess neither of you read the thing where I said "I already wear a mask whenever I go outside" and then explained how much fabric you need between you and the atmosphere to not get sick if you are literally immunocompromised
Did you know you can fold a scarf over? Crazy, right?
They can be made out of all sorts of materials too, wild
Heck, you can even slip another small piece of fabric on strings behind them

you don't need a gas mask with a charcoal filter to stay healthy, or even an n95, I would be fucking dead if you did

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"I'm the ugly friend" edition

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Hiding Your Depression on Social Media Edition

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I try hard to keep up appearances. I have hobbies and I especially enjoy lolita and making friends in the community. Still, nothing really fulfills me. I'm sad and lonely most of the time. I can't stop thinking about how if I just vanished from the community one or two people would wonder what happened to me but I'd be forgotten in a heartbeat. I spend a lot of time looking at other lolitas and admiring their creativity, their style, their projected personalities, but I don't think anyone looks at me that way. The best thing I can say about myself is that I'm a decent person with good intentions, but those things are often misconstrued and easily forgotten. I want attention (obviously) but more than that I want to believe that people appreciate me the same way I appreciate them, especially since I'm bad at appreciating myself.

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>tfw there's no-one worth going to a meet to see in either city anymore

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Same!! I wanted the pink and the blue so badly but they're already sold out so I guess it's fine? I've heard of pleather peeling even if you don't use it so it probably means no matter how well I take care of it, it'll happen.

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Liz Lisa, plz release your lucky packs. Why are you the last brand to do it this year? I'm tired of waiting. Allow me to fill the emptiness with clothes. Plz.

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Gulls I forgot to pay my innocent world invoice. I can't believe it. It totally slipped my mind and I realised a week after it was due. All the items are still in stock and I sent them an email apologizing profusely and asking if I could still pay the invoice but no reply yet. Am I doomed?

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Any other gulls have self-confidence issues? I'm hella unphotogenic, and I'm not "conventionally attractive". I've improved my makeup skills since I started wearing lolita and other j-fashions, but there's always something about my face that annoys me that I can't quite place.

Some days, I feel cute in j-fashion. But other days, I look at myself in the clothes and just feel too ugly to pull it off. Sometimes I just want to sell everything and wear lazy normie shit. But I love this damn fashion too much.

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Anon, look I know you're trying to find a flaw in what I've done.

But actually how about you read my first post?

I haven't said anything salty, and acknowledged the criticism that will aid in the future. While denying the ones that go against my aspirations and what I specifically called for.

You're projecting. Stop trying to find the fault in people, just because you can't stand to see someone making reasonable posts.

I'm not bothered by this because it's the expectation, /cgl can't actually think for themselves.

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I know this feel all too well. Men don’t hang out with me unless there is sex involved. Lately I have been wanting to connect with someone on a deeper level. I guess it’s those old spinster hormones kicking in so I feel a mighty need to find love and settle down.

But I brought this upon myself so I can’t be upset. I learned to accept the fact that I’m a slut unworthy of love.

At least my lolita wardrobe is there for comfort whenever I feel lonely.

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Wow I'm cured thx anon

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>Boyfriend and I have plans to move cities, have been planning for the last year
>Two months away from moving
>Get offered a job in current city
>It’s 11k more plus commission than what I’m getting now
>Thinking of all the sweet sweet burando I could buy with an extra 11k a year
>We would have to put our move off for another year at least
Gulls I’m so torn between wanting to move out of the shit hole of a city I’m in now or having so much extra burando money

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Man... My hair is thick and wavy, but it can't hold a curl or anything. Broken dreams.
>tfw I'll never have amazing old school hair
>tfw old school doesn't suit me anyway, I'm doomed to be a basic classic bitch forever

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What's the best way to delete all records of my cosplay so people don't find it after I kill myself?

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