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Can you kindly fuck off? Kthnx.

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An ugly fatass bought my dream dress because I didn't check the DD thread for over a month.

I could've easily afforded it, too. Fuck.

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Does anyone else find it irritating when girls clamor over your dresses at meets and ask if you plan to sell something (and if so, they want first dibs) while you are wearing it?

>You do end up selling it
>They're suddenly not interested or flake out

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Normie haircut and glasses. Leopard print case and glitter purse which cannot be more trashy/normie. Then more normie jacket and a flamingo pendant, all pink just in case. Big breasts and a small t-shirt, not even a proper shirt, tucked in for extra volume. Shoes + socks are out of place. Slap that (pink) skirt = one of my brain cells died after writing this

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>toes showing
>in lolita

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Thank you for being very kind. I excitedly went back to reread all the particulars... she has a cat. I had been so excited that I forgot to check and my allergies won't allow me to buy.

It kills me to know how close this was.
Also you're the best for offering, anon.

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>mfw this is where the $2k ww is owed is going
Fuck these people, they literally stole money from a Japanese shop and expected to not get caught. How do I get these assholes in jail?

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