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>having really anxious/bad dreams lately
>mostly regarding friend suddenly disliking me and not talking to me anymore
>think it's bc I haven't hung out with her in awhile but I've seen her making plans with another friend for lolita-related things
>even tagged her in a fb memory and she didn't respond
>thought maybe it's bc she felt snubbed for not getting an invite to a party that I went to but idk
>the logical reason is that she's just been too busy and I'm being sensitive
>last night's dream was about spotting her at a mall full of brand in lolita
>I was wearing lolita too
>she didn't say a thing to me or even acknowledge my existence
>when she did it was about how much she was disgusted w/ me and blatantly avoids me
>carries on into the mall w/ other friend
>I pathetically linger in the mall trying to act like I belong there, holding back tears
>woke up thinking for a brief moment what had happened was true and we weren't friends anymore
>tfw I check fb and she finally messaged me back
These dreams literally rip my soul to pieces. They're just like live interactions with people and seem so real.

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