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Mfw now hype for a con that is a year away

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There's a difference between 'anon, buh i'm not _____'

and simply stating the obvious and replying to criticism reasonably.

That's the problem anon. These sad kids think that this is entertainment for them, when it actually is for me.

Nothing said has offended me by any means, it just makes me question what "logical inferences" people are using to actually make them.

I ain't gonna reply anymore cause /cgl is pretty dense and can't understand the most obvious hypocrisy.

I've already received the criticism needed, and replied to it accordingly.

Truthfully instead of:
>don't selfpost if you're going to shit up the thread trying to defend yourself

it should be

>don't be catty for no reason when someone disagrees with you, then say it's not your fault.\

have a good night anon

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>basketball shorts under petticoats to fit entire liquor bottles in

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>seduced him wearing lolita

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