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You should take a look at the lace thread >>9798300

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Dreams do come true.

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pic related is a dress from 2 or 3 years ago that sold for roughly $1.2k retail and I think is currently somewhere around $2k for secondhand (I don't want it so I don't know the current selling price).
it's not one of the wedding dresses, but it's around the same price range and has a similar design.

BTSSB's wedding dresses generally have a lot of material and details, whether it's construction or decorative. There can be some markup if it's a popular style/color that sold out or is an old dress that is no longer being made that suddenly became popular. I generally find that name has less to do with how much dresses go for secondhand, it's more about rarity and current trends (e.g. Sugary Carnival was really popular when OTT sweet was popular, but now goes for fairly cheap because OTT sweet has died down).

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The dresses I'm currently looking at are making Scarlet Primavera Waltz look cheap at $1000

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the fire of my loins
the light of my life

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