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> Cleaning out closet because I need money and space
> Have 1 skirt in mint that I love the pattern on but never wear because I own nothing else in mint, but that was the only color I could get it in and I have poor impulse control
> Best friend, who isn't a Lolita or into the fashion at all also loves the skirt and is devastated that I'm selling it
> Tfw she says she'll buy it from me
> Tfw she's my bff and I tell her not to worry about it, she can have it free
> Tfw we spend hours sneaking the money she threw at me for the skirt into each other's things to try not to end up with it

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> Tfw bought a new car and can't piggy back off my parents insurance so have to get my own
> Decide not to buy anything Lolita/nerd/etc. because suddenly have car and insurance payments
> Don't buy anything for almost a month when I normally get something small every other week when I get paid
> Plates end up being 400$ less then I was expecting
> Turns out I miss understood my new insurance agent when he was telling me the price. It wasn't 300 after the discounts, it was 300 before the discounts, so I'm only paying like 120 a month
> Still hold back on spending because I still am going to be having almost 400$ coming out of my check then I'm used to.
> Get elected employee of the month, which comes with a small pay bonus, but decide to save it
> The financial advisor comes up to me today and gives me a sticky note while smiling and telling me how much I deserve it.
> Look at it and see that I've been given a large raise
> Treat myself and buy two pairs of shoes off Taobao and a skirt so I have more options with my rather limited wardrobe
> I hope you all can share my luck

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Tfw I finally got a petticoat that gives me the poof and shape I see most Lolita's getting with out peaking out at the bottom

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> Never have opportunity to cosplay, always having to work during cons and need money for a car, so don't ask off
> Work has costume content, only me and one coworker really compete, everyone else just sort of half asses it.
> Tfw my Swedish chef costume beat out her Dorothy
> Having to deal with the stupid mustache and eyebrows all shift totally worth it even if I did nearly rip one of my actual eyebrows off when going to take off the fake ones

Also need to talk with Dorothy because her petticoat had amazing poof

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Tfw get my first taobao order and everything fits, nothing is damaged, there were no unexpected fees. I know I lurk in horror threads to much, but I'm just so happy and feel more confident to buy more now

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That awesome post Halloween feeling when you go and raid the stores for discounted costumes and the like. I got three new wigs to experiment with, foam heads to put them on, masquerade masks and a bunch of other odds and ends all for less then twenty dollars!

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