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Lupin-colored red, green, and pink (and brighter blue) jackets will generally be more expensive simply because they're less common shades. Other than getting lucky at thrift shops I've found success with:
- Aliexpress or Amazon have various suit jackets in a lot of colors for <$40. I wear Shenrun green and pink jackets (picrel). Make sure you double-check to see if they're using Asian or Western sizes, and if you're on Amazon look for reviews with pictures to verify the quality.
- ASOS sometimes has the right colors, generally pretty pricey but occasionally has deep discounts.
- Ebay or Poshmark, cycle through "suit jacket", "sport coat", "blazer" terms. This can be annoying though because "green" will still include, like, deep olive or brown tones that aren't right.
- Costume-y brands like Opposuits have bright colors. They are constructed like proper suits (real pockets, etc) but for my tastes the fabric is still a little too polyester.

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Here are four of my color sets. The ties a mix of different brands, though most are polyester. The yellow tie is a wool/mohair mix and slightly thicker than the rest.

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