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this the misako pic?

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Honest question,
Why do people still buy from baby after all the shitty things they've done and their general disregard for customers?
>Threatening to sue a girl for writing a negative review about their shoes on her personal livejournal
>High ranking employee boasted in email that they "don't like foreigners" at baby in the cuntyist way possible and higher ups at baby defended it
>Frequent complaints from costumers of baby refusing refunds if their merch arrived damaged or didn't arrive at all
Given, Rosaire is a cunt who deserved to get called out, but shitting on foreign customers and ripping them off is inexcusable.

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I haven't seen this one around much

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This one?

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So my legs are the biggest part of my body (pear shaped.) What do you guys think is more flattering for bigger legs--skirts that are just above the knee, or skirts that are just below it? Since my knees have that little medial region of fat, I was thinking of hiding it with longer skirts, but that would make my legs look even shorter. Thoughts, experiences?

Pic not related, I just laugh everytime I see it.

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I'm sure she judges people. She may be the kawaii ambassador, but she's still a lolita, and judging people is damn near part of the fashion.

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>help mod a lolita art group a few months ago
>jesus christ so much shit to filter out
>one girl gets massively butthurt when we don't accept her drawing
>feel bad, try to be helpful and suggest small changes she can make so it'll pass
>she begrudgingly edits it
>still sorta iffy silhouette, but hey she tried
>accept it
>she gets even more butthurt "you didn't accept this the first time JUST because of these stupid small things??!"
>shits all over me, removes all her drawings, writes about leaving the internet for awhile, hints at suicide and depression
>what the actual fuck
>today find her tumblr
>draws tons of hamsteak characters in lolita dresses
>frequently posts about how mean and elitist all lolitas are and that there are "too many dumb rules"
>uses ero-lolita as 'proof' that lolita skirts can be mini-length, and old school as 'proof' that you don't ever need blouses or petticoats


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I have had this picture saved for two years.

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