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Heh, yea I bet he sucks. If you had me as an ERP partner I'd get you hot and bothered in an instant. You'd be so flustered you wouldn't even be able to remember what a wizard hat even is, let alone have the ability to don it.

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I can be an aristocrat manlet for you but ouji isn't my style. Pls email me. Email address is real. I'm slim, acne free, cleanly shaved, have a stable job and steady income.

Pls respond.

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>Have friend I been close with since high school
>We started cosplaying together and got to watch each other improve
>It's so great
>Been in love with her for so long
>Always helped her with her boyfriend problems
>She's been single for almost two years now
>She's becoming more platonic with me, holding my hand and hugging me
>My feelings grow more but I never act on it and too beta to confess
>She told me she goes both ways
>Con coming up and we are doing a cosplay of a couple
>Asks me if we can do kissing photos

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