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How do I explain to other Lolitas that I have a lot of downtime due to chronic pain without being mistaken for an attention hoe that uses excuses to avoid responsibility? I'm at a loss for how to address the issue; there are just long strechs of time where I am not up to doing anything, but then I might be able to attend a string of events in a short window of time. Like, I literally decided to not attend a tea party coming up soon because people have been complaining that I haven't been able to attend other events recently. I've mentioned my issues once or twice but haven't gone into it because I'm afraid of them assuming I'm a lier.

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>complains about drama threads while starting a thread sure to create drama
don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

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What ss do i use for yosuke shoes?

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>Imagine being this booty bothered over being new

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