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le sweet

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For stupid questions/questions that don't
deserve their own thread. Old thread is saging >>10207046

This is not the cosplay help thread.

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>in an Instagram pod
>an ita asks for crit on her new coord
>make a polite comment on her picture saying she looks cute while gently advising her where she can find better shoes
>tfw "Thanks babe but my coord is perfect for me haha not everyone can fit brand"
>tfw she leaves such a hilariously bad megacrit on my next coord that a comm friend sends me a dramatic reading of it
God bless the itas, for they bring us the gift of laughter

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>Mana does not have perfectly thin thighs
>neither do I

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Ohhh I have a story! I passed butthole inspection!
>only been a lolita for a year
>so scared the comm mom would boot me after my first inspection
>I'm in the line, she's coming
>start to sweat in my btssb blouse
>comm mom finally reaches me and tells me to assume the position
>flip skirt up and lean over
>god my butt crack must be so sweaty
>try not to cry while she inspects
>one eternity later
>"well done anon. You passed and may finally buy brand. Don't be so nervous next time, the thongies will deal with your sweat"
>she winks at me
>I swoon
>thank god my thong diapers absorbed the sweat or I'd have had swamp butt
>finally understand that they are more than just aesthetics, they are equally practical
Anons I'm so proud. I feel like I understand more about lolita in a visceral way. Can't wait to buy my first brand

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Okay cool but I get to keep your brand

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Thank you so much for the advice! Some of those are perfect and now I have a better idea on what could work perfectly for this outfit.

Have a great day!

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It is a vendetta; sorry not sorry. She's a cunt; she and her friends harass people on RC all the time (yes, including yours truly)

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Wow. Somebody's got her thong diaper in a bunch!

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Share some fun facts about your style, fashion, etc. no unsolicited personal info.

For lolitas/jfash
>favorite colour combo
>favorite type of lace
>silliest print name
>favorite indie/niche brand
>accessory you could never live without
>favorite sub-sub style (sailor, country, shiro, or whatever)

For cosplayers
>dream character you could never pull off
>first cosplay ever
>favorite material (cloth or craft)
>most creative cosplay you’ve seen
>your “expertise” in costuming
>that one cosplay you never get tired of seeing

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> Using bathroom in the Doubletree during lolita tea party with RinRin
> Only one other person in bathroom
> Hear someone taking a huge, nasty shit
> Leave stall and wash hands
> Out walks Misako
> kek

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The real issue is there needs to be more factual material to accompany Tyler's efforts. Not saying what she did isn't know, but there is a lot of bias oozing out from the corners of it. I've checked everything and she hasn't mis-reported the story but I think more people writing / filming out it will help to show this isn't "one girl hates this company".

>lights cig
>straightens tie
>plops massive old school metal type writer on desk
>cracks knuckles

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>be tall girl
>always get approached by trap-chasers
>tfw guys only like me when they think I have a winky

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>given free condoms
>gets mad

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>being this Reddit

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underappreciated reply

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My local Radio Shack is finally dying.

What are some nice prop-making things I can pick up on clearance? LED lights? Switches?

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Hey, update! I filled out a bunch of job applications tonight, and I feel a lot less terrible.

Maybe I can work on cosplay props in the morning. I feel marginally less depressed.

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doing god's work

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>boyfriend's friend posts Feminist frequency video about how video game women are unrealistically fit
>respond with group photo of toned Cammy White cosplayers
>blocked immediately

Stay mad, fatty-chan

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