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Cosplay and lolita and whatnot should be about having fun, not necessarily being the most accurate or ornate, and shouldn't be used as a vehicle to indulge in petty passive-aggressive bitching.

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Rules that y'all catty twats have created for yourselves that don't actually mean anything except as an "in" marker. Heaven forbid people dress up for the sake of enjoying dressing up and try to find other people who feel the same way. Frankly, I wish all the drama had stayed on livejournal, where it belongs.

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Adella posted on /cgl/ once. True story.

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For the bigger cons, I'd say the median age of senior staff is probably closer to 35.

I also think it's utterly hilarious that this viewpoint seems to be almost entirely confined to anime-ish cons; other cons tend to skew much, *much* older.

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Back in the 90s you had your choice of Sailor Moon *or* Cutey Honey (with a very occasional Battle of the Planets/G*Force character.) Pic unrelated.

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Once Adella went lesbian with Alodia and Frances in Florida because her Aerith was better. True story.

>back when /cgl/ was a red board

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