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I went from average weight for a woman of my height to underweight in preparation for a crossplay but I'm now realizing I've been cursed with a natural hourglass shape due to width of my hips which will never change no matter how much weight I lose... kill me now

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Every day. Every day at work I have to look up information for and process requests for titling claims within my county for them. They need to know if the person purchasing the property has any legal limitations or owes a fee to a government entity for right of way, or easement owner ships. It's not difficult to do, in fact I can have a request done in under two minutes. Yet you don't have to be smart, or literate, to be a real-estate agent. You can be a total idiot, but because you broker property trading for people you think you're god's gift to this earth and act like an entitled baby. So they don't even think about the information they send to me to be looked up. They don't even contemplate that when they make a mistake in writing my email address that it's their own fault.

Just last week I had a woman fail to submit roughly forty title claim requests over the course of a month. She angrily asked me what my issue was, and when I proved to her that none of her emails arrived she just called the director for my district to complain about me.

Today some one sent in a request that just had
>lot 14 Crystal
For all the information to go off of. When I asked him for more he just went "What do you mean?"

I'm tired. They just come day after day bumbling for help but get angry when they get in their own way. Don't even get me started on property surveyors or lawyers.

Also my stupid bitch sister spilled her whole coffee on my blazer yesterday, and just told me to buy a new one. That's just leaving me saltier.

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>tfw used to be bishie but now are 26 yr old uggotron

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