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>Please tell me it's a replica... please tell me it's a replcia... not my dream dress, nooo....

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>be me
>antidepressants for nearly a year
>come off them by accident for a few days (could get to a doctor/pharmacy)
>hey this shouldn't be bad
>literally want to kill myself after three days
>what is this medication supposed to be doing
>will i ever be able to come off it without topping myself
>want to duck out of the local comm for a while but can't because friends and commitments
>no social life until end of August
>metric ton of study/college work to do
>already going mad

I want to start writing a blog again as a distraction and for something fun to do, but I can't even bring myself to do that.

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Oh my God, it is!
What happened?

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>found dream dress for a steal
>it arrives, legit
>stinks of air freshener/something overpowering
>find little stains on the print
>put on gentle wash to get rid of smell
>stains are more obvious when wet
>they're all over the fucking print

Once it dries properly I'll have a look again and get in touch with the seller, but frick, is it so hard to say that something has marks on it? I would probably have bought it anyway because it's hard to find, but knowing what I'm getting is always fun.

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Woha Anon, I am sorry for you! Feel hugged ia the Internet at least.

But honestly I can relate to this.
>mfw all my friends moved away
>mfw no new friends at Uni
>looked up holidays, my birthday is one day after the semester ends
>"thank god, at least I dont have to go to Uni on my birthday pretending I wouldnt care that nobody notices it"

>Still living with parents too
>Mom: "I am sure you can throw a party yourself. You could finally wear one of those fancy expensive dresses you are hording"
>"S-sure Mom"
>mfw my friends probably wont hae time anyway due to tests

Also, I havent gotten any birthday presents from my parents in... 3 years? They just tend to forget that it is my birthday, and then they are like "Oh Anon, we will gie you your birthday money later"
>mfw when still no birthday presents and this year there wont be any too, I bet my ass on that
>mfw even my friends did not really get me anything

My birthdays tend to suck, so over the years I developed an "I dont care anyway"-attitude so it wouldnt hurt so much
but it does
This year especially with all my friends being away. And even if they DO come, I will be the only loser friend who hasnt managed to find a single friend at Uni during this year. Great. Pretty sure I will again not get birthday money this year to buy myself some burando to cry into.

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>mfw no qt boyfriend who would love to see and fuck me in a maid costume

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