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So normies loved this yesterday at DragonCon, but I know it's an ita mess. I kind of don't care that it's an ita mess, but I do feel like it is missing something.

(Granted, I left both the headbow and the chest bow I made in a bag at home, but I actually don't think they would improve the situation much.)

(Also I tried to make the shoes and sock situation as EGL as possible, but there's only so much that can be done considering my health issues and the schedule for the day. And I wouldn't wear this to a proper meetup ever, but it would look adorable with my triple strap velvet black heels.)

I have more of the video game controller fabric, as well as a plain neon/bright green that matches the print pretty much dead on.

Maybe a solid black waistband with lace edging and print or green piping? Black scalloped lace in a faux corset detail on the front? More of the black piping above the dot lace on the hem? Move the dot lace up onto the skirt and add a sheer ruffle to the bottom? I think I'm open to almost any detail addition as long as it's black, controller print, or green. I've tried adding white detail to this and it just looks weird to me.

Gonna post this in Lolita Sewing Collective as well.

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