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>find a nice new accessory
>obsess over it
>realize very few things in my closet match it
>start trying to find other items and plan out a coord to accentuate it
>end up discovering a bunch of other clothes/accessories I want
>don't have the money to get *everything* I want
>by the time I do get the money, the items I found may be gone forever because this is all rare secondhand/old school stuff
>cry on the inside with this knowledge
Anyone else know this suffering? Lolita can be such a fucking trap sometimes, I swear.

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she ripped out 8 braids from the top. My hair isn't that long or pretty to start with, so now it's double bad and i have no recourse but to find a wig. for reference, each braid is about a square half inch of head space with no hair.
No sauce, but let me know if you find it, cause its cute as heck

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I want to be the elegant BlueXblack lady I know I can be, but my I always end up in redXblack colorways.The Vampire look is so overdone and the real elegance is with the Dark Noble Lady look. Everytime I find something in Navy It always turns out looking more Classic than Goth. Maybe I'm styling incorrectly or something.

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I am moving to another country this fall and will have to move my wardrobe but I can only bring it with me on the flights when I am visiting there.
Renting a moving truck would be too expensive but I have accumulated so much stuff that I am unsure wether I can bring it all with me.
Tomorrow I will fly there again and I am at a loss choosing what to bring.
I only have 16 main pieces but everything feels so heavy and anything I bring will be completely out of reach until I visit again and eventually move out once and for all.

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