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2017/01/28: An issue regarding the front page of /jp/ has been fixed. Also, thanks to all who contacted us about sponsorship.

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Regarding the dump in the Japanese COF thread, I'll like to offer some insight. I'm the anon that made the dump. The post I was banned for was https://rbt.asia/cgl/thread/10144986/#q10144987.

For the newer seagulls, the 4CC is a 4chan event that's been held since 2011. Basically it's a soccer competition between boards. Since moot left, mods have been taking a harder stance against inter-board activities (banning everyone involved) which is why events like the Winter Ball (which actually started because of the 4CC) isn't happening lately. It does seem that some mods are okay with the event, since ban appeals are possible.

For a board to participate in a cup, there has to be someone caring for the team (either a caretaker or a manager) and proof of interest (POI). It's to make sure no board is participating against the will of its users and also to encourage board participation in the making of its roster. If the POI is older than 6 months, it's no longer valid, as board opinion could have changed in that time. /cgl/ actually managed to get its old manager back, making the team eligible to play, but because things have changed a lot in the 3 or so years he was away, wasn't aware of the POI thing. He was also travelling in Japan at that point, and wasn't able to do the polling/board interaction, which is why I stepped up to do it. I did it knowing that I would get banned.

What I didn't expect was that everyone that posted in the thread would be banned with me and all of us would get our posts wiped based on IP. IP wipes are rare in the first place >>>/qa/2693576. After speaking to other people involved in the cup, the bans can go up to a month, but none have gotten IP wipes, so /cgl/ is an odd case in that regard. Anyway, because of the wipe for my IP, my dump was deleted as were the posts of other anons that responded in the thread.

tl;dr: mod doesn't like the 4CC, bans everyone. IP wipe not expected, J-COF dump deleted.

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Spring is coming! What cosplays are you planning to do and/or what fashions are you planning to wear now that the weather is warming up? Post your inspo for the season!

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Hello, seagulls.
A thread was created last week to see if there was interest in having the /cgl/ team take part in the 4chan-wide meme football competition known as 4CC.
Being that there was some interest, please take a moment to vote on your favorites for roster placement and confirm that there is board interest.
You may also use this thread to make other team suggestions.


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It has been three years since /cgl/ has participated in the 4CC, a cross-board soccer competition of 4chan board culture.
Please take a moment to answer a few questions about if you would like your board represented in this competition.

More info:

Strawpoll Link:

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Hello everyone! I'm not sure how many here will remember this, but a while ago /cgl/ participated in the 4chan soccer league. Eventually the team pulled out due to lack of a manager, which was needed for a team to participate. It seemed like there was still interest, but nobody wanted to step up.

However, recently the rules have been changed so that a manager is no longer needed, and boards could field teams to run on autopilot as long as the board could show a demand for a team. Therefore, I've come to ask /cgl/ if they had interest in rejoining this event, which will resume next month.

If you're not interested, either ignore this thread and let it fall off, or respond as such (with a sage, of course). If you are, however, there's a second step.


This is the roster of the last /cgl/ team that was fielded. It would need to be updated, which is what could be discussed here as well. Let us know how you would change the roster and we can get everything set up!

All in all, thanks for your time, and we hope to see you all there in October!

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