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I've been thinking about trying to make a fursuit - more specifically, I'd like to make a costume based on Legoshi from Beastars - but I've run into an issue that virtually all the guides I've found for making fursuit heads/paws/etc. ultimately seem to assume that the costume will shoot for cartoonishly-proportioned and/or "larger-than-life" sizes. In contrast, I'd like to shoot for something that much more closely conforms to my body - most likely, I expect this would mean using something armsock-like for the hands/arm fur, and a smaller, hard base (probably resin) for the mask's shape rather than a foam one.

Does anyone have tips for or know of any tutorials relating to making fursuit heads smaller? I'm partly concerned that if I do end up committing to a resin base, I'll have to use one of my own design, so any guides on working with resin effectively or tips on materials that might be easier to prototype with would be greatly appreciated as well.

My other main concern is in terms of materials - I'm not sure where the best place is to get fabrics that can stretch the way an armsock would. I've heard some good things about nftech, but their products seem like they're very much on the "most expensive option" side of things. Are there any options out there for stretch fabrics that won't put nearly as much of a dent in my wallet?

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