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OH IM TAKING HER MONEY AND RUNNING. I just don't know what to say to her as I am SEETHING anger rn.
I want her stupid money tho...

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> discover some horror stries behind second hand dresses
> lurk what diseases may be caused by those
> "Head lice presents the biggest concern with previously owned hats"
> freak the shit out of myself

How do you gulls sanitize your headbows? Is it basically possible to sanitize them with that plastic bone inside?

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New feels thread, now with more feelsy feels.
Last one is autosagging.

>feeling so roneri and so sad
>asperger so relationships are emotionally draining as hell + scared of sex
>very little friends because i'm bad at being social,met them all by internet
>they all live far away if they are in my country at all
I only have animu,lolita,... in my life. I don't know what to do, i just feel so sad. I tried groups but i only attract weirdos and real weebs.
I just want someone special or a small group of friends to weeb out with, be close to them,...
I'm depressed.

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>mfw the subs on google doc and 4shared are gone
>the link for the mango died too
any translator/subs anon? Please for the love of everything kawaii now i'm super curious about this movie

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>mfw the OP I want is on sale, but the colorway I want is out of stock
>mfw owns a nice wardrobe with a majority of red items
>red don't match

>miss friends in the main comm; live too far to frequently attend meets
>want to attend cons because I can weeb out and be with faraway friends
>conflicted: cons are essentially the same every year and want to travel abroad or different states

As much as I want to live closer so I can attend meets without spending extra on cons, I'm not in the best financial state to do so yet, and idk if I'm ready to let go of the comm I created (let alone know who to pick as a new mod because I know others were looking to move away).

On a nicer side of feels, I've hosted a meet up with the most people in our comm ever, and although the youngest attendee was a tad annoying with trying to impress us on her knowledge on the fashion, it was understandable with being young and eager to get involved, and reminded me of myself when I was her age. It kind of sucks that a majority of our comm are much older, but hopefully, she'll be able to connect with someone her age and I look forward to seeing her first coord. I get really bored easily at work, and I've been imagining taking the younger members under my wing, letting them oggle my huge wardrobe and try on my pieces, and having a private tea party in my home. Too bad I recently downsized my wardrobe and limited myself to a specific style now but hey, a girl can dream.

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>Have you lost/gained weight to fit Lolita?
Lost weight.
>Do you follow a strict diet/exercise regime to stay in shape for it?
I wouldn't say strict. I don't eat junk food or have anything but water on most days and I power walk everyday. If I do have snacks I go jogging
>Do you do any sports?
Not anymore. I used to be a pretty good at soccer but I quit.
>Do you feel better or worse about your body since starting Lolita?
Both better and worse. Better because I can fit into almost all brand, but worse because sometimes I don't fit into OPs or JSKs because my boobs are the max measurement

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Oh, I've noticed that when I do work out, I'm definitely not as vigorous or energetic as I used to be. I seem to be at a standstill, weight wise. It's funny how people still think I'm skinny, but my weight just mostly goes to my legs - lately, my waist has gotten bigger (29") and it's not very comfortable at all.

>tfw I want my 27" waist back

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>tfw sprained ankle
>tfw waiting for shoes from BL
>Almost 4 weeks in and they're "still in New York"
>tfw gotta move out soon, but packages (I have a few others) haven't arrived yet
>tfw even if shoes get here, can't break into shoes with stupid foot wrapped up.

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