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If you want and have the funds, you could always put together a Thank You goodie bag with candy and a note.

>pic sort of unrelated.

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I feel like we've lost this answer since egl died. Maybe there's no wrong or right way to approach this since it seems like individuals have their own preferences and ideas. I imagine a lifestyle gothic lolita would place more emphasis on the macabre, the classic lolita practicing Victorian ideals, and the sweet lolita adding kawaii in everything they do.

Those examples are a good start though. Maybe it can be a collection of things because even if they are different, they still carry on ideals of an Old world view or an alternative worldview rather.

Man, it sucks that I do miss the idea of a life style lolita because I've always felt that even if lolita is essentially a fashion, it backs up a reasoning for wearing it and feels more like a sub-culture - kind of like how punk started out as an anarchistic movement that was later expressed through music and fashion.

I'll still be a fan of the idea(s), but I don't think my sailor lolita swearing and trip-hop listening ways are fitting of the lifestyle.

I'll do what I can to help out. Maybe have a weekly or bi-monthly antique shop post (posting cool finds) or something (I guess some of my hobbies are lolita friendly after all).

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I'm thinking about collecting a mismatched set and using them at a future meet for a picnic. Unless it's too impractical, I wonder if there are any ways to carry and store tea ware if the set is not matched.

I wanted to mention that there is a blogspot dedicated to replicating Panera recipes (it has a bunch of old recipes). I'd share, but 4chan thinks its spam. I thought it'd be something to share for people wanting to do picnics, potlucks, or in-home tea parties since there are a lot of sandwich, salads, and pastry recipes to try.

btw, has anyone actually made one of these? They're cute, but they seem a little impractical. Maybe not too bad for jewelry stands though. idk how often people host in-home tea meets.

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/mu/'s currently having a classical music thread.

piano versions of Joe Hisaishi's works are a bit weeby, but a personal favorite.

btw, have you checked with local antique/thrift shops for tea sets? And what kind of teas and snacks will you plan on serving?

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Going back to the topic of books, do you or does anyone have any good recommendations for tea etiquette books or recipe books for tea parties? It seems like a lot of the latter are geared toward kids and that's not quite what I want to look for.

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