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Probably should have known that this thread would veer off. Kind of hard to pick a new topic point that's not already mentioned in other threads (i.e. makeup thread, room spo).

Anyone have any cute ideas for storing boring old tea bags in? I regret donating my roommate's jewelry box instead of keeping it for myself.

And I guess since it's coming up, anyone baking anything cute or fancy for Thanksgiving or just sticking with the classics?

I want to bake a pastry (not pie) with pumpkin filling or make an apple strudel, but everyone brings too much food in spite of being a big family, so I can't be bothered anymore. Hopefully the cousins will like some Mexican hot chocolate after dinner.

That's so sad, but also takes me back to my babby lolita days of thinking that CLAMP-like designs could ever translate well irl.

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I didn't realize I had dropped my pic.

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