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Big rant incoming, sorry.

>Go to con with boyfriend
>Nitpicks my cosplays all weekend
>"Her ahoge is actually facing the other way, she holds her sword like this not that, is her dress supposed to be like that?" etc etc
>I appreciate his help, that he's interested, and his attention to detail but he's more of a perfectionist about my cosplays than I am
>Meanwhile I also want to do things and make the most of my weekend
>He does a rushed once-around the dealers room, goes to the game hall, gets lunch and then calls it a day
>He doesn't want to go to panels or events, and doesn't cosplay so he's not looking to get pictures taken or meet other people
>Gets frustrated with shitty weebs being shitty in public (which I get, but it's sort of inevitable and I'm more of a shrug-it-off sort of person), hates waiting in line, hates walking around
>I can't tell if he's even having fun, I want to go do stuff but don't want to ditch him
>Especially when he says the only thing he wants to do is spend time with me but he's so obviously disinterested in doing anything else and his attitude sucks the energy out of anything
>We go to the one group photoshoot I wanted to attend, when I walk back towards him after a group-callout he's shaking his head at me because I didn't do my character's pose correctly
>I storm off into a bathroom because I'm so exhausted and upset at trying to please him and having literally no fun
>We're both upset, we try to talk stuff out but we just end up going back to the hotel and falling asleep
>Mfw I bought cute clothes to wear at night to walk around in and maybe go to the dance and I didn't even get to wear them because I fell asleep at 10pm after crying
>Barely got to go around the convention center at all, got to see one person I knew
>Mfw each convention we've gone to together I have less and less fun because of above reasons, this being the worst yet


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