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>tell comm my bf dumped me
>"Don't worry, hon. He's probably a pedo. That's why he goes after women that look like kids."
Hey what the fuck?

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hard pass on all of these

I hope they announce more

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We get this question every thread and it makes me wonder just how many people out there think Aitaikuji is a good place to shop from.
It's concerning.

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Just figured I'd post this as a warning, but if any anons were wanting to go to autograph sessions of any JP guests, if they have a panel right before, don't attend it. Last year there were huge issues with Studio Trigger where they scheduled their autograph sessions about an hour after the panels, and anyone who went to the panels got to the autograph area to learn that the lines had already capped at 50 people. Even then, because they scheduled it close to when the convention center closed, not everyone in the line got through.

I agree. I feel like Acen and Midwest were/are both kinda lacking in meetups. Acen if only because they had 2 or 3 of the same meetups throughout the weekend (2 youtuber shoots, 2 rick and morty shoots, 3 TAZ shoots, etc)

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>That Suda autograph line on Friday morning
Did they fuck up the schedule? I lined up to get my copy of Fatal Frame 3 signed by Kimberly Brooks, and noticed his line was ridiculously thin. My friends and I did a lap around the dealer's room, then came back to find his line empty 30 minutes prior to it closing. We asked the line guy if it was ticketed. He said no. We just walked up, and Suda gave us all autographs and photos for free. It was surreal.

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>I'm irreverent, like tiddies, have tiddies, and drink a lot, that was my point.

I hope this is ironic shitposting

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>What do you mean you can't choose?

Also my reaction, every damn time. I have dozens of cosplay ideas lined up for years and years to come. Someone unable to come up with ONE idea on their own is hella fucked to me.

As far as personal experiences go, I know for a fact that this is exactly how Animazement Ashley behaves. In the brief time I knew her, she'd message every friend, acquaintance, stranger, and ice cold water man alive to ask what she should cosplay next to get (and I quote) "lots and lots of pictures." Obvious motive is obvious.

Funny enough, she'd usually disregard any suggestions and wear a Milanoo-tier Disney Princess dress in the end.

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is now a good time to ask if anyones rooming for animenext?

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>ask out a dude who brings his sister to my comm
>he says he's not into white women
>mfw he's white

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current feel: knowing that in lolita, the dress I want is a good deal, but to normies I'm a crazy lady spending a stupid amount of money on frills

huh, that's good to know, thank you. i'll dip my toes into SS soon.

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Some fat bitch in my comm got into gyaru and she just looks like she's wearing blackface all the time.

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>order something on July 5th
>"expected by August 21"
>mfw that's tomorrow
I hope it shows up...

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Somebody please post the gumdrop story.

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My tea parties got wet in a puddle.

Filled them with rice to prevent mold. PRAYING.

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>tfw a beautiful cos-girl had a con-crush on you
>talk to her occasionally over the past nine months
>still haven't asked her to be my gf because she lives a five-hour bus trip away

I hate being this pathetic and dragging my feet. I want her to be my gf super bad.

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>that vascular forearm

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Oh god i didn't even notice the cigs. And the pills.
Also the beer. Wow, that took a sad turn.

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Still not here, I'MMA FAINT

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Damn it, I sneezed and a boog went into my closet.

I can't find it, but I know it's stuck to one of my dresses. I'm doomed to embarrassment.

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Wow, that's a lot smaller than I expected. I may hold off and see what comes later then, although I'll have to keep the smaller ones in mind since a lot of the source material I have in mind has really little merch

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>got my period on the first morning of the con

Guess I'll have to duct tape it shut.

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