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>years ago
>excited to do a cosplay of a somewhat not-so-popular version of a (at the time) side character that was released very recently
>spend all my money, time and effort on it
>it's obviously far from the best, but im happy, it's my first cosplay
>character has strings sewn on their skin
>I experiment sewing some string onto the most surface layer of a small patch of skin of my palm, doesn't even hurt nor bleed
>find it amusing, post it online showing my experiment (was a dumb edgy kid)
>the rest of the string parts, i glue it on for my cosplay
>post cosplay
>a few days later
>popular e-girl i follow subtweets about me
>saying how disgusting it is and freaky and preaching how it's promoting self-harm and suicide(?)
>i know it's directed at me despite me being unpopular at all, there's screenshots of my pictures as examples with my name blurred out
>her friends i follow jump on it as well, making fun of it and "how stupid do you have to be", "that's absolutely disgusting"
>i delete everything
>she makes/wears a cosplay of the character a few weeks later as well
>it instantly gains super popularity and praise, she's on a whole another level i will never reach
>feel like absolute shit
>all my money, time, effort, and inspiration, gone
>all my excitement for cosplay ever again, gone
>never cosplay again

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>tfw not even 21 and i can already see little wrinkles coming from the bottom of my nose
what can i do to actually fix this instead of just hiding it? they're really fine unless i'm laughing or something so they just end up looking like small discolored trails on my skin and i don't want to end up looking like a granny in ten more years
i don't have deep scars or know a good concealer for it, but i'm going to go ask the ladies at the make-up store for help with mine today so i kinda feel you, gl with that anon

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Continuing on the subject of suffering...

>one of the few nights I decide to not check Mercari before bed
>wake up, check for any new listings
>holiest of holy grails listed and sold

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I'm finally getting my sh*t together and getting better. Problem is I don't feel like cosplaying like before or even wearing lolita. I feel nothing. I used to be so happy about those things, making big plans and searching hours for that perfect dress. What happened?

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