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>First and most obviously, reproduction is a 2 person process. Just because the fetus grows inside the mother doesn't mean the mother alone was responsible for it's creation. A father needs to fertilize her first.
Holy shit are you for real??? This is blowing my mind. This post really opened my eyes, thanks man.

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Same boat, anon. I've been stupidly obsessed with lolita for like, three years and I troll cgl constantly, but all my clothes are basically normalfag with some vintage stuff. I really want to start ordering cute casual clothes from taobao at least, but I feel so overwhelmed by all the steps you have to take. Thankfully I can draw, so that's how I enjoy lolita and jfash. At least it's cheaper that way...
>mfw 24 and still not dressing the way I should

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This thread is destined to become a parade of body dysmorphia.

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