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>nipple hair

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>this entire garbage post
>calling people TERFs for not wanting diaperfags and sissies using photos of them for captions about pissing themselves and being men who were forced into dresses by their older sisters (seriously, wtf)
I want ABDLs to fuck off. I'm not and never have been a TERF, but I think I understand how someone else might be if they're faced with this sort of entitlement and bullshit as their first close interaction with people who call themselves trans.

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>I'm going to be so cute!
Good luck in that dress.

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People complain about him talking to her like a little girl, and yes that is creepy in its own right, however,
she talks like a child too. And I find it kind of disgusting. And no, it's not her accent or anything like that, it's how she tries to go for a "kawaii" voice and she forms short sentences and forcibly blurs consonants she clearly knows, like a toddler.
They're both so creepy, ughhh....

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