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Holy fucking shit. What made you check for UV splooge? Do you do that with all your dresses?

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>those fuckhairy legs

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>those shoes
oh god
oh no
ohhhh no

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it fucking figures a crossplayer would use that a porn screen to show what skin tone they want. god you people are shit. what's the current issue with your skin? sun damage or bacne? or just not pale enough for your tastes?

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>that hat

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I really wish there was something more I could do about my ugly face. No amount of makeup or losing weight in the world could fix it, I'm either fat and ugly or skinny and ugly. I'm so sick of it. I ended up wearing Lolita to a festival last night and I felt so cute and I got so many compliments but when I started taking selfies with my boyfriend I was like '????' Those comments felt like pity comments at best now.
I wish a had a few extra thousands dollars to get plastic surgery to fix my nose and eyes. Maybe then I could look somewhat aesthetically pleasing in Lolita. Pic kinda related because I somewhat look like Lor but less of a man

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