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One day.

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I think lolitas who call other lolitas "ita" just because they wear something a little bit uncommon (but still obviously suitable for the fashion) are just as despicable as the judgemental normies.
A lot of lolitas love to say they are victim of oppression by normies coz they're alternative and don't dress "like everyone else". Well guess what, at the same time they bitch about other lolitas behind their backs if they're not wearing the same cookie-cutter basic coords everyone in the comm wears. Way to be hypocrite!
If the silhouette is right, the main piece is not milanoo or some shit, and there's no autistic mismatching going on, it's *not* ita. You're just a basic bitch.

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ugly dress thread?

let's start off with some of meta's abominations

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pretty much anything from meta belongs in this thread

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Meta, my love.
I know it's bad, that's why it's so good.

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the classic camo dress

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